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16 May 2016
Pest control
As spring approaches and also the weather improves, many owners will begin to concentrate on their how you can. When planning a spring cleaning to-do list, be sure not to ignore any places where pests might be congregating. Having a pest management company treat the home at the beginning of the season a very good idea, but there are some additional things the homeowner can do to keep the home without any any unwelcome visitors.

ants control


The kitchen is a common place for bugs and rodents to congregate because this room provides easy accessibility to food and water sources. Ants are particularly notorious to find their way into your home, searching for leftover crumbs or sticky spills left on to the floor or counters. Even if the kitchen is cleaned daily, there are some additional ways to keep these bugs at bay.

First, thoroughly vacuum and scrub the ground. Get into the corners, beneath the cabinets, around the rubbish bin area, and close to the larger appliances. If possible, try to pull the stove in the market to vacuum on the sides and behind it, since this is a prime area for food particles to collect. Next, sweep and mop the pantry floor and remove all the items from the shelves. Wipe down the shelves and add or replace the shelf lining paper. Also, give the counters a scrubbing with some cleanser and a sponge. Take everything off the counters beforehand, specially the toaster. The toaster area can be quite a major source of food because there are often crumbs left out.


The bathroom is a prime hangout for roaches and silverfish. They're attracted to moisture, which is why they enjoy being in this part of the home. The best way to prevent them from appearing is always to remove any supply of water because they cannot survive to get a week without water. Check under the sink and around the bathtub for almost any potential leaks. Have the pipes to see if there's any moisture. If you have a moisture problem, use a pest control company treat the bathroom once the issue continues to be resolved.


The basement is a popular area for rodents because of the fact that it is a dark underground space with plenty storage containers that pests can are in. When spring cleaning, undergo any storage boxes to declutter the area and check for rodents. Avoid storing anything in cardboard boxes, as rodents only will chew through them. Instead, purchase some plastic storage containers with tight-fitting lids. Also, bypass the basement to see any cracks that ought to be sealed. Seal individuals with silicone or caulk. Leaving these spaces open invites pests into the home as they can squeeze through the smallest of spaces.

Springtime is a prime season for getting the home nice and clean. Pest control should be part of everyone's cleaning routine.


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